10 Ways To Spring Clean with Lemon

10 Ways To Spring Clean with Lemon

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If you’ve been feeling the itch to get some spring cleaning done, you may notice some areas of your home have been neglected for far too long. Luckily, doTERRA Lemon oil can help make cleaning those long-forgotten nooks and crannies easier. Here are 10 ways you can use Lemon to clean your home.


1. Microwave—Microwaves are notorious for being tough to clean, especially after mishaps involving spaghetti sauce or tomato soup. To ease the pain of cleaning, simply microwave a cup filled with water and a few drops of Lemon, then wipe clean!


2. Dishwasher—Pour distilled vinegar into a dish and add 5–10 drops of Lemon oil. Place this dish in your empty dishwasher and run on high.


3. Stove Top—Lemon oil makes cleaning one of the dirtiest areas of the kitchen easy. Add vinegar and Lemon to a spray bottle, and watch the grime disappear!


4. Appliances—From dust to greasy food spills, appliances collect more dirt than you might think. A simple solution of Lemon oil, water, and vinegar will help you clean toasters, refrigerators, mixers, and more.


5. Garbage disposal—If you’ve been smelling something funky coming from your sink, it might be time to clean the garbage disposal. This DIY for Lemon disposal refreshers should help! 


6. Ceiling Fans—Fan blades collect dust which cling to them and builds up over time, which if left will seriously affect their performance, costing you more in electricity. To avoid choking on dust bunnies while cleaning your ceiling fans, spray the inside of an old pillow case with a Lemon/water mixture and loop the fabric around each blade.


7. Washing Machine—Run a mixture of Lemon oil, baking soda, vinegar and water through your empty machine on the hottest setting to break up dirt build-up and mildew. Wipe any excess with a sponge then run the machine again with fresh water.


8. Rubbish Bins—Regularly cleaning out rubbish bins can eliminate odour. For indoor bins, spray the inside and outside of each bin with a mixture of water, Lemon oil and vinegar then scrub with a sponge.


9. Windows and Windowsills—The same mixture of Lemon oil, water and vinegar in a spray bottle that you’ve been using all around the house will do wonders for your windows and windowsills. Simply spray glass and wipe with a clean cloth or paper towel, then move onto ledges and sills with a toothbrush or damp sponge.


10. Air Conditioning Vents—One of the most overlooked areas to keep clean in your home is the air you breathe! Clean air conditioning vents with a sponge dipped in warm water, vinegar and Lemon oil to help eliminate allergens and dust from filling the air around you, and ensure you clean their filters regularly to improve air quality and save electricity!


Lemon oil acts as a powerful cleaning agent and the possibilities are truly endless! Share this post and let us know how you like to clean with Lemon oil.