doTERRA Oil Sharing Enrolment Kit

doTERRA Oil Sharing Enrolment Kit

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The doTERRA Oil Sharing Enrolment Kit includes:-

1 x 15ml Oregano

1 x 15ml Lavender Peace

1 x 15ml Elevation

1 x 15ml Citrus Bliss

1 x 15ml Cilantro

1 x 15ml Grapefruit

2 x 15ml Frankincense

2 x 15ml Wild Orange

2 x 15ml AromaTouch

2 x 15ml Balance

2 x 10ml PastTense roll on

2 x 15ml Smart & Sassy

3 x 15ml Lemon

3 x 15ml Tea Tree

3 x 15ml Peppermint

3 x 15ml DigestZen

3 x 15ml Lavender

3 x 15ml Easy Air

3 x 15ml OnGuard

3 x 5ml Ice Blue

Also included:-

Petal Diffuser

Cap Stickers for common oils (5 sheets)

Fractionated Coconut Oil (4 Oz)

Sample Keychain 8-Vial (Black)

Enrollment with doTERRA and wholesale membership included. 

Please provide your date of birth and phone number to process the doterra membership.